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50 Free Money Earning Apps Online in India (2022)

Would you say no to some extra income that comes your way? Not really, right? There are many among us who possess the art of money-earning. However, unfortunate is the fact that fewer people are equipped with the art of generating money. Money is seen as a mighty motivator and doesn’t come as a surprise. […]

Manish Pandey Updated on: May 9, 2022 · 5 min. read
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Would you say no to some extra income that comes your way? Not really, right? There are many among us who possess the art of money-earning. However, unfortunate is the fact that fewer people are equipped with the art of generating money.

Money is seen as a mighty motivator and doesn’t come as a surprise. In a world where prices have been skyrocketing, easy and fast money seems like a dream. But there is always a secret to achieving success. Money-making is no exception. How would it sound if we were to disclose the secret of money earning? Read on:

With our title hinting at the best money earning apps in India, it would only be right for us to believe that you have come to know for yourself how to pursue efficient ways to make some money. After all, who would want to say no to secrets that would help you build a solid bank balance?

At the outset, you need to learn how to utilize your precious time. That also means you shouldn’t venture out to waste time by focussing on inconsequential tasks. There are a host of opportunities available online that you can avail yourself of for your benefit. In case you are wondering what that could be, let us tell you these opportunities might turn out to be ways and means that could help you earn the extra buck while you sit at home, sipping tea.

Your smartphone is your pathway to your dreams of money-making. The recent world has seen a major leap in smartphone use, and it is like every other person you meet on the street owns a smart device. Putting smartphones to use in terms of earning money has also become an option. All you need to be equipped with is a good knowledge of how to work on money earning apps in India. Setting aside a little bit of your leisure time can help you learn the basics. Once you learn how to deploy your smart device in money-earning mode, you can assure yourself that the path has opened before you.

However, it calls for a bit of caution here. Let us tell you that finding the right money-earning app isn’t an easy task. For, every other app you chance upon would claim itself to be the best. But the reality is that it could turn out to be a waste of time. Don’t you worry though, because we have got your back!

So, let us try and provide with you some fascinating information on this topic through this article. Here, we have listed as many as 50 Best Money earning Apps in India. Yes, you heard it right. There are more than 50 ways you will get to capitalize on, to earn some extra income. Also let us find something more about how these apps work in India and the pros and cons of using them so that you can have a better picture before we start getting acquainted with the apps.

How do money earning apps in India work?

Experts have claimed that a majority of money earning apps in India do work to their full potential. We went about the same track and tested them too, and the results have been astounding. Yes, they do work and have been proven to be a great means of ensuring frequent cash flow.

These money earning apps would work akin to a side gig for you. That means you would be able to hold them close to your chest as you go about generating part-time income. They majorly function on some of the common aspects such as referral rewards, cashback rewards, and affiliate tie-ups with other sources. Each app has a distinct style of managing its operations with the clientele and putting out a striking niche to stay ahead in this competition. The competition between the apps works out in your favour as they help you with the best programs and rewards.

A majority of money earning apps seek to rely on a system of user loyalty, which works as a great source of motivation for you to use the apps more frequently. In addition, there is also a recurring theme used in these apps which has the potential to drive you to become proactive in the process of money-making. For that, you just need to visit the apps frequently and complete the tasks as given. Being a potential user, you get options to choose from where you wish to allocate your income through the apps. There are essentially two options to get the income delivered – either directly into your bank account or in your Paytm or some other online wallet. You can also redeem the earned money via gift cards. All these schemes vary from app to app. We will provide you with more information so you come to know about them beforehand.

What are the Pros and Cons of Money Earning Apps?

Now that you have basic information about how money-making apps work, it is time to move on to answer your oft-repeated query – Is it worth your time? We understand that query, and that’s why we have listed below the advantages as well as the drawbacks of using these apps. Let us start with the pros first:


  • No Investment needed: One of the most attractive benefits is that, when looking to make money with these apps online, you don’t need to make any prior investment in them.
  • Flexibility: You can choose to use the apps whenever you want, be it day or night. You are the lone master of earning through these apps.
  • Limitless Opportunities: With minimal effort, you can earn an ample amount of extra income. The best part of these apps is that there is no fixed time limit on how much work you need to do in a day. It depends on your convenience and how much time you have to spare.
  • Safe and Legal Course: Experts endorse these apps as among the safest and most legalized ways to earn money online. It is basically like doing a part-time job, where the only difference is that you don’t have a boss to report to.
  • User-friendly: As there are so many money-earning apps currently available, competitors make sure that they would have to be user-friendly. This, in turn, benefits users like you in the long run.
  • Easy Money: Tasks aimed at earning money through these apps require minimum effort, and thus it makes what you earn truly easy money. You just need to complete tasks as provided by these apps, which may include filling in surveys, playing games, downloading other apps, or even sharing your opinions.


  • Time-consuming: The tasks these apps layout in front of you might look easy. But they may turn out to be tedious, especially for those who have full-time jobs. If you are someone who has little time to spare on these apps, it becomes difficult to cope with the completion of tasks on time.
  • Intensive involvement: Earning on these apps could not only be time-consuming but would also require your intense involvement and study so that you are always prepared before the completion of a set task.
  • Set target not achieved: Some of the earning apps lists out goals, and if they are not able to achieve these targets within the set time, they could hold all your earned money from coming to you.
  • Don’t invest money beforehand: Some of the apps could ask you to first invest in the app and then start earning double from it. It is strongly advised that you shouldn’t “fall for any such trap”. This is because they might drown your money.
  • Beware of scams: Easy money-making online always comes with a price. But a scam is a big No. There are a lot of scams happening out of greed. Some scammers make innocent people look foolish by luring them into easy money-making processes and cheating them.

However, there is no need to worry about anything because we have prepared a list of the most reliable and genuine sources of money-earning apps in India. So, without further ado, let’s dive into the top money-making apps in India for 2022.

Top 50 Money Earning Apps in India in 2022

Below is the list of the best 50 money earning apps in India. For your convenience, we have compartmentalized the apps broadly into separate categories. Each category mentioned contains similar kinds of apps. So, let us begin.

Best E-commerce Money Earning Apps


Meesho has, lately, become one of the highest pay-out platforms which provide you with the best opportunity to earn some extra money by signing up with the app. You can start your own business using Meesho or even sell your products on a commission basis. To start selling to earn, you just need to choose the products from their app and share it with your contacts. When the person with whom you have shared purchases the product, some commission amount gets transferred to your account on each sale. Thus, the app provides a great way of making a good amount of money online and thus helps increase your business connection.

Reselling your products online becomes easy with Meesho.
The app provides various choices to sellers on how they like to advertise or promote their products.
Promotions by Meesho help sellers expand their businesses with less effort of their own.

Hidden charges on Meesho could be costly.
The app doesn’t have enough listings which makes it hard for some brands to compete.
Customer care support is not readily available.


ShoppingPost is another great app on our list. It is essentially an app where several registered users post and share discussions on specific marketable goods. The app offers you the chance to earn Rs. 25 on signing up using its referral code on each referral. The good thing is that you can directly receive your referral earnings in your Paytm wallet and use it to do instant recharge. It also offers its users to earn free recharges. So, while using ShoppingPost make sure to use the referral code and get a bonus above Rs. 20+ earnings per referral directly into your Paytm wallet.

The app helps you to earn exciting rewards on every other purchase.
You get to earn rewards in the form of cashback amounts, coupons, and discount vouchers.

Nothing as such.


GlowRoad, a well-known re-seller app in India, is one of the best-earning ones available online. A direct competitor of Meesho, it has a similar number of buyers and thus the range is extended to more than one thousand categories. The money-earning process is similar to referrals and sharing the details of the product for purchase to others so that you can get a commission for each successful sale of its products of Glowroad.

It is a profit-earning app where you get a chance to earn cash back on every purchase, directly in your wallet.

The app has a lot of complaints about the quality of its products.
They need to improve the deals and offers of earning.


Sheroes is a secure and safe social platform, designed only for women. It is a reliable chat-based helpline powered by some community developers in the sole interest of women. Sheroes is counted among the largest social networking applications for women that lets them share their interests via videos and posts. You can easily get food recipes, health and legal advice, free beauty and fashion tips, work from home opportunities, an option of reselling, and much more. They provide a range of options to educated or uneducated women, to get an ample number of job opportunities.

Free career counselling and developing new skills with requisite online courses, make you self-sufficient in earning an income of your own, even if you are a housewife. Women are offered services both full-time and part-time for remote work that one can be best at like even parental tips, pregnancy tips, baby care advice, and much more.

This app has a clean and attractive UI.
The app provides a host of categories on its platform to meet the criteria of different individuals as per their work suitability.
It is a good platform to increase your business and reach out to a large number of customers.

There is no downside to using Sheroes.

Earning money using Digital Wallet Apps


PhonePe is one of the most-used UPI apps currently in India. Though the app is primarily known for its UPI transactions, it also provides ways to earn some extra income. For example, with each referral at PhonePe, you get around Rs. 100 to Rs. 200 per referral award. Also, if you use this money in making a UPI payment, you get added cashback on it. PhonePe also provides coupons and vouchers of various brands that you can redeem to get a better discount option while shopping on other websites. So, cash back on every transaction is assured which gets transferred to your bank account or wallet within a few seconds.

Easy way to send and receive the money within seconds.
UPI app provides a lot of services in one place
It offers Wallet Top-Ups for every transaction.

The downside is that while doing online transactions on PhonePe you may sometimes face money deduction from your account but not received in the destined bank account.
The dashboard of this app requires authentication or any PIN or password, and that could be a matter of concern.
You get no interest on your wallet deposit.

Google Pay

Google Pay is so popular that almost everyone using a smartphone knows about it. Every other person is fully acquainted with the use of this app because, in the past few years, it has made a huge fan base in India concerning transactions online. Google Pay was launched by Google primarily as a means of transferring money online. However, it comes with a slew of other benefits that you can avail yourself of to earn extra money. With every online money transaction, Google Pay sends you coupons or cash rewards in the form of scratch cards. If you win a cashback through the scratch card, it directly gets transferred to your account in no time. You can also refer to the app with your friends and with every successful referral, you get to earn a decent amount of money up to Rs. 200 vouchers, and gift coupons.

Simple and clean interface for the users.
Cashing out is easy on Google Pay.
Customer care support is very supportive.

Debit card transactions are instant so the app charges a fee for them.
Other P2P apps like Venmo don’t charge fees for debit card transactions. This is a downside for Google Pay.
Google Pay charging fees on international money transfers is a constraint.


Paytm is a commonly used app for online transactions and shopping. After every payment you make via Paytm, you earn a decent amount of cashback, exciting coupons and vouchers. It can be utilized in various ways to gain money fast and even win real extra money by receiving it directly into your Paytm wallet or your Bank account.

Paytm offers multiple payment methods at low payment charges.
You get the benefit of instant online transactions with a higher payment success rate.
It offers quite a few ways to earn extra money in form of cashback rewards and coupon discount offers.

The app needs to add more payment wallet methods to open up its payment gateway.
Needs quite an improvisation on the customer support front.

Airtel Thanks

Airtel Thanks app comes from the Airtel stables. The objective is to facilitate Airtel users in making UPI transactions and for recharge. If you refer this app to your friends and other contacts or make any recharge, you get an assured cashback amount of up to Rs. 100. Airtel allows its users to make some extra money while doing online transactions.

This app is the one-stop solution for Airtel users to recharge using several UPI payment options available
Users need to maintain a minimum balance to use this app.
It offers interest rates of up to 6% and unlimited deposits.

The app offers limited reward modes.
It has hidden charges.
Customer support is sometimes unresponsive.

Data Genie

Data Genie is a recently launched app for free recharge and Paytm cash. The app offers several ways to earn some money with each referral you make. It also helps you save a minimum of 25% mobile data every day. You just need to play games and use listed apps, and you get some money in return. Upon each referral, you get to earn Rs. 28 and also it helps you to get free data to recharge apps for the data you save.

Essentially, Data Genie is a social app that allows users to earn Paytm and Paypal cash by doing the bare minimum of uploading pictures and sharing pics and GIFs in their free time.

The app is business-user friendly and easy to use.
It is designed for optimal resource consumption.
It allows seamless integration and is fully automated so requires minimal manual effort.

Low earning output from referral programs like you get to earn only Rs 28 by a single referral.

Earning money using Gaming Apps

Dream 11

Dream 11 is popular amongst cricket fans in the country. A fantasy gaming app, it hosts several popular games such as cricket, kabaddi, football, basketball, and hockey. The app has gained much popularity in recent years and has been even considered a legal means to earn income. To start earning on this app, you first need to form your team of players. These players need to play live games and if they win you easily earn money as a reward. You also get to earn a bonus if you refer the app to your friends.

Dream 11 can help you earn legit income from fantasy gaming. So, just give shape to a team who will play with other teams, akin to a real match. Whoever wins, gets to earn money. The app is trustworthy and the money earned gets transferred to your account in no time. Thus, you can fulfil your dream of playing games and at the same time earn a handsome sum of money.

Dream 11 has good brand value and is reliable as celebrities and the likes of MS Dhoni promote the app.
It provides a faster withdrawal process of earned money.
Easily accessible customer care support.

Addiction to online gaming is a concern.
The minimum payout you get is only 200 Rs. Moreover, referral programs are also very hard to earn.
The minimum age is 18 years to use this app and ID verification for that purpose becomes mandatory for the withdrawal of money. The verification process takes longer than usual time.
You might encounter cash out issues if you are expecting to earn instantly.

My11 Circle

My11 Circle is another fantasy gaming platform for individuals who are interested both in playing games and at the same time, looking to make money online. Fantasy gaming platforms are legal in India, and My11 Circle is quite trustworthy to make it your source of income. The app provides a lot of games like cricket, hockey, football, basketball and various versions within these games like a Test match, World Cup and more.

You just need to form a team and if the performance of your team matches that of the opposite team, you have a higher chance of earning good amounts of money. When you sign up at My11 Circle, you get a bonus and with each referral, you earn some money too.

It is a recently launched fantasy gaming app and has low competition.
It has huge brand value and is quite trustworthy because famous players like Sourav Ganguly promote My11 Circle.
They provide an instant cash withdrawal process and also supportive customer care services.

My11 Circle is not available on Google Play Store.
You are required to be 18+ to join this app and ID verification for withdrawal purposes is necessary.
The minimum pay-out from this app is only Rs 100.
It requires a lot of permissions if you use it on your phone.


Rush, a popular app has lately launched its new app called Rush. This app lets you play various games on its platform and earn income. Just for signing up with the app, you get Rs. 60 directly transferred to your account so that you can use it further to play games on Rush. One of the biggest features of this app is that a user can withdraw a minimum of Rs. 2 just by playing games like carrom, ludo, quiz and the like. Rush is trustworthy as it comes from Hike and is considered a genuine source for making money online. The money gets transferred to your Paytm wallet.

The app offers complete skill-based games and is based on the user’s mettle.
It consists of a community of only real players that join the game on pure skills and has zero bots.
To add excitement to the game, you also get cool rush avatars that make the game more expressive and enhance a sense of community among players.

Rush is currently available only for Apple users on the App Store.

Earning money using Educational Apps


WONK is among the largest online platforms where several online tutors get to earn ample revenue. This app provides services in India and beyond so you get a chance to even earn in dollars. Most importantly, the WONK app proves beneficial in enhancing your teaching skills while also giving you a chance to earn a piece of living. With WONK, you get to earn an average minimum of Rs. 250 to Rs. 1000 per hour of teaching. You just have to be proficient in the subject you wish to teach and the rest becomes easy. They certify you as a professional tutor and give you handsome income as per your qualifications and experience.

With minimum effort, you easily receive online bookings for tuitions and tests without incurring any marketing expenditure.
Earning from this app supplements your main source of earning because you get easy access to thousands of students who are looking for a tutor like you.
You become a certified teacher even with little or no prior teaching experience.

There are no cons as such of using WONK

Best Freelancing Money Earning Apps


Upwork operates as a freelance website where you find users working per the skills they possess. Clients use Upwork to find freelancers for their work and to get it done in a short time. It also provides an opportunity to approach clients directly to take work, and in return, they give you money for the work done. So, if you possess the requisite skills, Upwork works as the best money earning app in India to get you some extra income. You get work from clients all around the world and can earn in dollars.

The app provides a lot of options to work as a professional if you are certified for your job.
It is a good app for beginners to get started with their careers.
Variety of useful features for freelancers and clients

The app keeps a good percentage of your total pay-out every month.
You may find the work to be quite low paying once you become experienced in your job.
In case of any dispute, between the freelancers and clients, Upwork usually takes the side of the latter.


Fiverr is the most trustworthy and popular online platform which has lately been proven to be the biggest money-making app in India. Fiverr is an app providing marketplace-cum-skillset demonstration platform that helps in connecting sellers with prospective buyers. Experts even consider it an ideal place to generate passive income while remaining at home. The app offers you various rewarding projects that fit in with your skillset, like serving as a corporate communicator, giving spoken English lectures, working freelance gigs, and much more that supplements in helping you earn extra income.

You get a good chance with this app to earn at least a thousand dollars per month on Fiverr.
It has a wide scope of earning a handsome amount of money for each gig.
It has various other services offered which you use to make money.
It brings direct paying buyers and creates a market for you to promote yourself.

Fiverr charges a high commission due to which users generate low incomes
It cuts out tips from your hard-earned money to benefit its platform. For instance, if your gig pays you 5 dollars, the app cuts 1 dollar from it.
Difficult for beginners to stand out because of high competition.

Best Cashback Rewards Apps

Roz Dhan

Roz Dhan is real money earning app which extends a lot of ways to earn money by playing games, sharing it with your friends, reading news, filling out surveys, downloading other apps and using it.

These are some of the easiest ways to earn money online and Roz Dhan just fulfils that by letting you earn by even walking and counting your steps in a day. Doesn’t it sound awesome? You just need to increase your step count, and this app will increase the money in your Paytm wallet! You can even convert the coins you earned into real money and get it transferred directly to your bank account.

The app is simple to use and has various unique features to utilize for money earning
It has a user-friendly interface
Provides a great news feed and is a safe and credible app to use for money-making

While working on an app, you encounter several push notifications which can be annoying. But, you can disable them.
Using this app generates a lot of caches and requires manual deletion.
Minimum withdrawal money is high which makes it even more difficult to receive money.
You are surely going to earn from this app, but don’t expect to earn a huge amount.

Google Opinion Reward

Google Opinion Reward is among the best money earning apps in India. Created by Google the app helps you make money by spending some of your time on filling out surveys and information Google requires. Upon each information given and survey filled, you earn some points from Google and it directly gets transferred to your wallet. Because it is associated with a big name, there is no chance of fraud and the money earned will be real. You only need to share your opinions online and fill out some surveys and you can easily earn coins in your free time.

It is the most trusted online money earning app in India in 2022 which makes easy money by giving out information.

This app is simple to use and turns out quite remunerative.
For each survey you fill in, you earn Google Pay or PayPal credit instantly.
Money earning tasks on this app include everything from hotel reviews, and opinion polls, to satisfaction surveys of merchants. All the surveys are very easy to complete.
This app is available both on Android & iOS.

It can be used only on your phone.
The bad part is that you only get a limited number of surveys like 1 or 2 per week
You only get a coupon for Google Pay.


Loco, a live gaming program, is also another platform for earning money online. Adhering to its niche, Loco offers you to play on its platform or watch others play, so that you get a better idea about how live games can be played. It helps you make money in the sense that it regularly organizes some contests in which you are required to join and answer the questions being asked in the contests. For each of the right answers given online, you get to earn real money.

It is a trusted application used by millions of people around the world. You don’t need to invest any money before joining the contests. All you need to do is put your knowledge to play, and it will do the rest to make you earn some real money for each correct answer.

Best for game lovers, as they can play games on this app while also earning money for doing what best they can.
You get to watch live streaming of the games.
Easy money-making deal for pastime.

On this app, you earn for completing quizzes on time, but the sad part is that the quiz starts at a particular time and if you miss the slot, you miss the money. Thus, it becomes hard for individuals with time constraints.
The rewards earned from this app are not satisfactory enough and are said to be very less.
Reviews from disappointed users claim the app is not reliable. So, you should always read their policy first.


CashKaro is one of the giant online platforms. As the name suggests, it provides you with a good way of earning some solid cash. Several shopping websites are linked to CashKaro, which ensures that it is trustworthy and reliable. Everyone does online shopping these days, and accessing the products you need through the CashKaro app will bring you returns. The app shares commission every time you shop. You also get to use major discounts on each shopping. The earned money gets transferred to your wallet after a successful shopping transaction. The app offers a good way to earn cash through commissions for shopping indirectly through this app.

You can easily earn money through referrals.
Get in return a good cashback amount on your every purchase through this app. Earn 10% cashback if your referred friends also make a purchase.
It is easy to use the app with a clean user interface.

You only get to earn a limited amount of up to Rs. 50 as referral commission.
The withdrawal policy of earning limits has a Rs 250 cap to transfer money to your account.

Coupon Duniya

Coupon Duniya is a popular Indian website that makes available coupons from various websites. Though the app is not meant for directly making money, it surely provides you with a great platform to save money while shopping online by availing of the coupons given by this app. A first time user of this app also gets special coupons and deals. These coupons come in handy when shopping online as you get a decent discount with each purchase.

Moreover, you get to earn up to Rs. 50 and Rs. 25 by referring Coupon Duniya to your friends, which makes it a good option to shop at discounted prices while also making money each time you refer it to others.

This app is simple to use and has a clean user interface with a categorical view.
It offers a large number of exciting deals and coupons with discounts.
It has Rs.1000 online shopping portals and is the best source to make easy money.

You may not get enough cashback and discount offers as they vary in each use case.
If you shop via this app, they surely get a commission from the retailers out of which they only pass 50% to you.
The app doesn’t pay you more than what they get from your shopping.


Cashbuddy has proven itself to be a reliable and genuine money-making app in India in 2022. The app tells the users about some of the best ways to earn money. On its platform, you can earn extra amounts by attending the special programs created by the app.

Cashbuddy may require you to watch YouTube videos and share this app with others in your group so that with each referral you get to earn money with a bare minimum effort like sharing pictures, completing simple tasks, or sharing GIFs. With each referral, you earn a minimum of Rs. 20 that gets transferred forthwith to your bank account.

You get to earn easy money by merely downloading some sponsored apps as they provide.
You get to earn at least Rs. 0.10 to Rs. 0.20 merely by watching short video ads.
Each day you get 4 ads so the amount you earn is decent.

The only downside of using this app is they don’t verify their advertisers. That could be a waste of your time and may even be troublesome.


Moocash is another popular money earning app in India that allows you to earn money in dollars. You can easily earn up to $5 daily and get it transferred into your bank account or use the recharge coupon. Moocash provides you with a lot of ways to make money online like filling out surveys, playing online games, watching videos, and much more.

You can buy currency in the application and earn in dollars while sitting at home. The earned money can be saved in your bank account or be used for recharging purposes.

You get a reasonable payout of 2000 coins or $2 in comparison to other apps.
Cash pay-outs in this app can be accessed through PayPal which means you get solid cash as an option.
If you don’t need to earn cash, it also offers rewards options and you get to earn a minimum of 30 coins on each successful referral.

This app has low earning potential. There are also some technical issues that you may face while using the app.
The pay-out may take about 72 hours and because it comes through PayPal, they cut a 3% transaction fee plus $0.30 on each transaction


When it comes to the list of the best money-earning apps, the Taskbucks app surely finds a place. Taskbucks provides you with a great opportunity to earn extra money by watching ads, and videos, sharing your opinion and views online, visiting various websites, and downloading apps.

The app assures you to earn at least Rs. 70 per day that you can directly get in your Paytm or MobiKwik wallet, from where you can use the same for many purposes, especially to recharge. You can also refer others to this app and with each referral, you get Rs. 20 in your account. The app also provides you with a chance to earn coins by doing a particular work that has the potential to get you up to 10,000 points.

This app offers an easy way to earn some extra cash.
Taskbucks is a legit app and if you are looking to earn Paytm Cash without even referring, then this is an ideal app for you.
You get to earn Rs. 40 per month doing the bare minimum.

The low amount of rewards is a huge concern.
It gives limited earning opportunities.
The payment system does not allow users to withdraw all of their earnings.


Amazon is the leading money-earning application in India. Though it is majorly a shopping website, you will be surprised to know that it also provides the opportunity for people to earn a passive income. Amazon provides an affiliate program, using which one can share their product online with friends and acquaintances and with each sharing of the product; you get to earn some commission on it.

Amazon is a popular name in the commercial space, hence it is authentic and trustworthy when you want to start earning some income sitting at home. You can earn up to 10% of commission on each sale of a product, which is very high in comparison to other apps. Moreover, it provides you with a fun zone of spinning wheels and quizzes in which you can participate to earn rewards.

Very easy to start your business on such a huge online market base.
Automatic credibility and trust get attached to your products by affiliating with Amazon.
Selling on Amazon has low marketing costs because the app works as a search engine.

There are chances of unscrupulous sellers stealing your listings.
There are various counterfeiting products available on Amazon that could hijack your unique strategies and can lessen your sale.
There is very high competition and you rarely win in the fun zone competition.

Current Rewards – Earn Cash Rewards

As the name suggests, Current Rewards – Earn Cash Rewards is a money-making app that makes it easy for you to earn online by just listening to music and playing fantasy games. Who wouldn’t like to listen to music in their spare time or play some game? Once you this habit to better use, you can easily utilize it to make money on this app.

The app is freemium and offers an intuitive streaming experience with more than 1 lakh radio stations that play world-class songs of each genre. Here, you earn money by redeeming your earnings with various gift cards on Amazon gift cards, Google Play gift cards, Target gift cards, and Walmart gift cards.

You can gain passive income merely by listening to your choice of play stations from over 100,000 options.
There are a lot of positive reviews about this app on the app store with high ratings because it has an easy sign-up process to get started with earning money.
It offers extra ways to make money through watching videos and filling out surveys.

Some rewards on the app have a very low value per point.
It takes longer than usual for rewards to appear on your account.
With the lock screen ads allowed, it may slow down your phone.
Because it is a newly launched app, it has quite a few bug issues.


The Slide is among the best money-earning apps in 2022, because of its simple earning process. As the name of Slide suggests itself, it can be used like you unlock your phone and you get to earn money. Just that! It is that simple. There is no cap on earnings in a day and you can even choose the lock screen as per your preference. You can get the earned cash redeemed as your Mobikwik or Paytm balance. The app is available on Android and can be used in a very easy way to make some extra money in your spare time.

It is a cashback reward app that allows you to earn up to 5% cash in return for shopping.
It lets you earn 4% instantly which you can use on your next purchase.

The drawback of this app is that most of the credit cards on this app don’t pay cashback on gift card purchases


Skrilo hinges purely on your luck factor. The app follows a lucky draw system. If you win, you can get an assured sum of Rs.10 to prizes ranging in thousands. But it is necessary to understand the process of money-making. Skrilo provides you only a finite number of tries per day to make money through lucky draws, so make them count for your benefit. It also offers several exclusive offers and access to many periodic deals, hence you can use the rewards earned on the app in utilizing something better.

More the chance you get on this app, the higher are your chances to earn rewards
You also get to win free Paytm cash.

The app itself gives fewer chances to win rewards. Its popular Lakhpati reward program has been stopped for now.

U Speak We Pay

As the name suggests, U Speak We Pay works on a rewards model concept. The application helps its users to earn income by merely reading out the messages put on display on your screen. Once a user is done reading the available messages, they are offered real solid cash in their account.

The messages that you read out aloud are used to create a database to train the Artificial Intelligence systems in voice recognition and speech-related capabilities. The app is currently used by more than 2 lakh registered users and hosts more than 13,000 positive reviews on the Playstore. So, make sure that you speak aloud with correct pronunciation and receive your money directly into the account. You also get some referral bonus rewards like other money-making apps.

U Speak We Pay is completely free to use i.e. freemium where you can make easy money within no time
You get to earn the cash out through Paytm that you can further use for recharge or shopping purposes.

It is only available in India.
To use this app, you will require to have good and fast speed internet connectivity.
It has quite low earning potential and is time-consuming.


EarnKaro app has been founded by Swati Bhargava, who is also the co-founder of CashKaro which is one of the best cashback apps in India. If you are looking forward to making easy money, you can do it with the EarnKaro app by just sharing deals with your friends and followers online. For that, you can switch your online created e-commerce link to your EarnKaro link to share it with your followers on various social media platforms.

The app works in similar ways to the affiliate marketing programs, because it demands the users to promote the listed products and services on EarnKaro’s application and website. And, if some other user shops using your shared link, you even get extra commission paid in cash that gets easily deposited in your bank account within a second. The process of money-making is very simple on this app, which makes it the best for homemakers.

With no investment, you can earn easy money.
You can work on this app using either your phone or laptop.
You get a chance to have a 10% lifetime on your earnings from referrals.

It takes quite a long time on this app to confirm that you have earned a profit.
It provides only one payment method for the withdrawal of money.


If you are looking for a straightforward money-earning app, the Honeygain app can be a great choice. The best part of this app is that you need to put in only the barest minimum effort and have a fast internet speed. The app is only available for Android users that users with faster internet speed can utilize. You just need to share your internet and start earning a regular income from this app.

In addition to this, Honeygain also provides Content Delivery Beta software that is distinct from the other Default Network Sharing, through which it guarantees its users to earn a regular flow of passive income directly into their account.

Users have the option to decide the amount of data they want to sell per day.
This app does not need access to your storage and you are also given the liberty to choose with whom you want to share your data connection.
Your connections are fully encrypted on this app.

It is pertinent to note here that though it is an easy money-making process, the speed at which your data is used also reduces your phone’s battery life. So, this aspect should be borne in mind before you start using it.


Dosh is an amazing money-making app because when you shop or dine using this app, in return it gives you back rewards and cashback. Various cashback options are offered on different kinds of spending. You also get extra cashback while booking a hotel. The best part of using this app is that you get paid when you shop, hence linking your debit or credit card with this app is advised. Whenever you shop or book something, for every transaction you get cashback in return. The Dosh app is easy and free to use. You can earn passive income using this app along with shopping or dining somewhere.

You get to earn cash rewards automatically and instantly. With each successful referral, you get to earn $5.
It has a flexible payment method.
It features a lot of popular as well as local retailers.

This is not an ideal app for those who spend a lot of cash.
It requires a mandatorily-linked debit card to be used as a credit card to earn rewards.
It is not as effective in earning as much money from referral programs as other apps.


HealthyWage App is considered one of the excellent motivating apps to earn extra money online. The app is designed considering the needs of those people who are less motivated and lack confidence in themselves. The app works towards giving such people well-organized instructions, following which they can bring positive changes in their life.

HealthyWage App gives you opportunities towards earning money because they offer a lot of challenges like weight loss and fitness challenges and the winner gets to earn a minimum of Rs. 50,000. Thus, it helps you in both ways of losing weight, while also earning a decent amount of money coming through the app. It needs to be noted that you are required to pay a monthly fee to take part in the challenges and if you win, you recover the whole amount with the cash prize, but if you don’t win, the entire subscription amount goes back to support the app.

Users can easily win up to $10,000 by “betting” on their weight loss.
This app’s weight loss challenges have been featured on various TV platforms such as ABC News, CNN, NBC News, The Wall Street Journal, etc.

The average prize amount that you can earn winning the challenge differs seasonally.
You may encounter a glitch while using this app or may have difficulty navigating through the app.


Swagbucks is counted among the top money earning apps in India. In 2022, people are using Swagbucks much more than ever as premium members to earn a daily income. All you need to do is just play fantasy games online, complete the given quizzes, fill out certain surveys, browse through your internet, read news and latest updates, watch promotional ads and videos, go to other websites, and do a lot of other entertaining activities. By doing all these, you get to earn a decent amount of money in no time.

Swagbucks, however, doesn’t process cash rewards facilities as usual money-making apps do. But instead, the app rewards its users with vouchers from different platforms such as Amazon, Flipkart, Walmart, Starbucks, and PayPal vouchers. You can earn swag points daily and on referrals, you also get a 10% lifetime commission, which is higher than what the others offer. Moreover, the best thing is that you can always request a cash out via PayPal once you have 750 Swag points in your wallet by redeeming the amount.

The app is completely free to join and with no investment, you can earn money through this app.
You get 7 different ways to earn so there are a lot of options.
It is a simple app with a clean interface for Android users.
It lets you earn passive earnings for additional expenses.

The app takes longer than usual to let you earn sufficient earning points that can be converted into cash.
It is not available to be used in all countries.

Earning money through Crypto Apps


Cointply offers an easy and successful money-making path to its users who can earn daily by taking part in the surveys given by the app. Users are also offered the chance to participate in different contests, view promotional ads and videos, download other apps, and play online games. Through all these entertaining tasks, you can easily get some extra money.

Cointply app pays back its users in bitcoins and dogecoin that can be later converted into solid cash using Coinbase and WazirX. You also get the chance to earn loyalty bonuses up to 2x the cash rewards. So, if you are also interested in investing and making cryptocurrency, then Cointply should be your choice to earn free coins.

The app always seeks to offer regular work on its platforms like surveys, or other offers.
They provide a good variety of works so you can earn by doing things that you find interesting out of the options given.
Good customer care support service.

The pay-outs from this app are not the highest in comparison to other similar apps. It has a low payout threshold of only $5.
The app lacks licensing and certifications.
It is available only for Android users for now.
Inconsistent timing of customer support.

Coin Switch

CoinSwitch Kuber has lately been recognized among the best platforms for money-making in India. It was introduced in tune with the growing popularity and usage of cryptocurrencies. Crypto has been luring many people who want to invest in it to get some good returns in future. Coin Switch is also a cryptocurrency-based app that includes the best cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin polygon, Dogecoin, Ethereum, and more.

Coin Switch provides users with a good facility to capture every cryptocurrency across the world and earn money by investing. The app has an intuitive interface and is very simple to use. With this, you can buy a minimum bitcoin of Rs. 100 and can put it to better use to earn further by trading in it. You can also refer to the app and earn up to Rs. 50 bitcoin for free. It is fully legal to earn money through Coin Switch in India, thus making it one of the reliable money earning apps.

It is a faster and quite convenient mode to make easy money.
This app has a user-friendly UI and you get the best exchange rate.
There is no fixed limit on doing online transactions and the app is supportive of instant money withdrawals and deposits in INR.
You get access to a large platform of cryptocurrencies and currency pairs on this app.

It does not accept flat currency deposits except INR.
You mandatorily need to complete KYC to get started with this app
Limited to be used by Indian citizens and also there is no fixed trading charge as it varies between exchanges.


Userfeel, a top-rated money-earning app in India in 2022, is based wholly on a different idea because it pays its users for the usability testing on mobiles, tablets and desktops. You must be wondering why so? This is because usability testing is fruitful in improving and increasing the performance of a website and the app lets businesses see themselves through their eyes. To earn money, you need to participate in tests and upon completion, you are paid for exploring and visiting other websites, and performing several tasks like giving feedback. However, to make use of Userfeel, interested users must have passed a ‘qualification test’ that has a voice and screen test as they complete the allotted tasks. The video of your test is then recorded and uploaded to the app’s server.

For each test completion, you are paid up to Rs. 500 that makes this app best in earning extra money by doing the bare minimum.

Userfeel offers simple work for UX testers.
The app is easy to use and is clean to ensure that users can focus easily on the testing
The pay-out is reasonable at $10 per test.
You get instantly paid in your PayPal account just for surfing a website

The works offered on this app are inconsistent.
You need to compete with other testers to receive work.


Mcent browser is another popular app on the list of best money-earning apps in India. It is such an old name in this field that makes it a credible source of making easy money. The app gives its users a chance to earn extra money while browsing. For that, you just have to complete a few sets of tasks such as watching ads and videos, taking surveys, downloading apps, and completing other tasks as mentioned on the app. You can refer to the app with others and earn in return for recharge. The earned income can be sent to your Paytm wallet.

With the installation of the app, you receive several other exciting offers to earn money.
You can avail of the trial version of this app for 7 seven days to earn free money.
Get Rs. 50 for each new referral and start recharging to get Top ups of a minimum of Rs. 10.

The app is very large, and is around 25 MB and takes a lot of your space for so less money.
It is only available for Android users.
You may sometimes encounter problems in receiving referral amounts.
It requires a system with higher RAM and internal storage because you have to install several other apps to earn money.

Pocket Money

Pocket Money, as the name itself, implies that you don’t get much money but the flow of these passive incomes is steady. You get paid with money for doing even simple tasks on this app like playing entertaining games such as Tambola, etc. They also offer various Lucky draws on the app which helps you to get the extra money that gets immediately credited into your Paytm wallet.

This app is legit and is safe to be used for making money.
They offer a range of options and activities to earn money in the pastime.
You get an instant withdrawal from Paytm.

There is a fixed daily limit on earning from this app using referrals.
They offer limited activities to earn rewards or wallet cash.
Users do not get paid for every activity.


Databuddy has risen in popularity mainly during the time of the Paytm cash niche. The app helps you make a handsome amount of money by completing a few tasks such as downloading a few apps, sharing pictures with others, sharing GIFs with your followers on social media platforms, and other similar tasks.

With Databuddy, you can earn several cashback rewards upon shopping on different e-commerce stores such as Amazon, Myntra, Flipkart, etc. This app essentially works as a channel between its interface and your Paytm wallet to transfer the balance directly into your account. With each successful purchase, users earn cashback and additional discounts with exciting coupons.

With every referred friend joining the app via your invite link, you get an instant Rs. 10.
You get to earn up to Rs 200 with the referral program of this app.
You get to avail yourself of trending shopping deals and coupons to get some extra discounts on your purchase.

The withdrawal process is hard as it takes a lot of time.
Very time consuming for earning a few bucks
Mostly beneficial for the YouTubers who earn from referrals.

Earning money by filling out surveys

Free Cash

Free Cash is one of the fastest-growing applications and its website Freecash.com is quite popular for making money online. The users can get registered with this app and earn easy money by merely filling out surveys, completing mentioned tasks on their website, and playing games online. The app was founded recently, in 2020, but has gained huge popularity that its users have already earned beyond $7,000,000.

The Free Cash app offers a range of payment methods and allows you to withdraw money from various sources like PayPal, and several forms of crypto including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, or Dogecoin. You also get to earn instant gift cards to be used on several platforms such as (Amazon, Google Play, Steam, Spotify, Netflix, PlayStation, Zalando, Xbox, and many others). You also get the option of other withdrawal modes like buying skins from popular games like Fortnite, LoL, CS: GO or Valorant. The average user of free cash earns around $20.00 per day, which makes this app one of the best money earning apps in 2022.

It offers flexible work with no time constraints.
It has an on-site chat system which makes it fun to work on this app.
It offers other community features that motivate users to make money online.
Flexible work – You can work whenever and however much you want.

It has a low pay-out policy and earning a bonus is very occasional.
Sometimes, payment methods run out of stock and even tasks take quite a time to credit.
Inconsistent income source and task availability generally depend on the user’s demography.

The Panel Station

The Panel Station is a survey app that allows you to earn money by filling out survey forms from government bodies, trusted companies, communities, and individuals. There is no fear of pay-out because it is a genuine money earning app. Generally, the surveys are made available for a duration of 30 seconds to 10 minutes and the more time it takes, the higher pay-out you get.

The Panel Station is affiliated with popular brands like Flipkart, Amazon, and Paytm and helps you to earn commission by filling out survey information in different fields.

It offers a lot of survey options that bring more opportunities to earn,
It is easily accessible and can be used on both laptops and phones.
It is available in more than 19 countries across the globe and has a huge fan base to earn money while listening to music.
The Panel Station has a lot of surveys available on their website/app, providing good earning opportunities.

The app provides a lot of survey options, but it has a high disqualification rate so you rarely get qualified to earn
The app doesn’t work as a direct survey panel and is a GPT site, which means is not a direct provider of surveys.
The more users it gets; the more fees it charges for showing ads.


SquadRun is one useful money earning application as it prioritizes productivity in making a decent amount of money online. The app helps you run ‘errands’ for other e-commerce platforms such as Amazon and Ola. The money you earn from this app can be withdrawn into your Paytm wallet account. It offers other options as well so you can do other tasks to earn money daily. SquadRun is currently available only for Android users.

SquadRun is an easy to use app with an intuitive user interface. Their promise of ‘Get Paid to Play’ is undeniably true.
You redeem your earnings directly in cash into your Paytm or any other UPI account once you have earned Rs. 60.
It provides reasonable pay with flexible timings of work.

The amount of money a user can earn depends on the number of successful missions one can complete.
Sometimes, it provides inconsistent work and one has to wait for it, which can be time-consuming.


Benefito is yet another money-making app in India that provides users with a range of options to get rewarded to earn some solid cash. To earn money on Benefito, you will need to download or install other applications as they list and the process of doing the tasks on this app is very simple to set up. The app provides a seamless experience and intuitive interface for its users. The income earned from this app can be withdrawn exclusively from Paytm only.

The app offers great deals and discounts with even free coupons for every task completed.
You get to earn daily reward points by just exploring the app for a fixed period.
The free vouchers and offers with Paytm money that you can earn amounts to benefit of almost Rs. 8000.

The app is not intuitive and doesn’t have a clean user interface.
There is no information about the founder of the app and no official contact details.
There are also quite a lot of bad reviews about this app online so readers are advised to research thoroughly.


The 4Fun-Lite app makes use of your free time and legitimately pays you for it. The app is unique in its style because it helps you earn by merely sharing some videos online, and sharing with your followers’ posts and GIFs. Upon joining this app, you get a bonus amount of Rs. 100 and upon each referral you can earn money each time. 4Fun was recently very popular in the market for an easy money making process, so you are advised to get help with it to earn some extra money.

It is an easy to use app which has a lot of fun videos and GIFs.
The app is more than a year old and hence has earned a reputation in the market with experience.
It offers a lot of earning tasks by merely watching videos and other entertaining content.

The minimum withdrawal amount is Rs. 300 after which you get to cash out your earnings.
You may find difficulty in receiving payments on time
Bad support.

Happy Box

The Happy Box app surely stands true to its name and opens a box of happiness for its users to earn extra money. This app helps you to do free recharge by completing some easy tasks or upon referring it to others to download the same. To earn money on Happy Box, you just need to download other apps and easily win free talk time. It also lists some featured and popular offers regularly on its platforms like earning by watching videos or playing games.

The app is 100% free to use
It offers several ways to make money in comparison to other survey sites.

There is a fixed limit for earning the sign-up bonuses in this app.
Accrual of earning points is very slow


Champcash is among the best money earning apps in India and comes with 100% free networking. It also allows you to earn unlimited cash for free by just referring the app to others and asking them to complete the challenge. The payment gets transferred within minutes of installation and following guidelines on the Android phone. You get a minimum of Rs. 60 upon each referral.

With zero investment and work from home, this app gives you a perfect way to make easy money.
It has a secure payment system and is a legit app. They offer a 7% cashback reward on each transaction.
With the app, you can work on your own as a freelancer.

The use of this app requires a lot of data and it drains the battery of your system.
It has a low pay-out and also no tutorials are provided on the app to understand it’s working.
Earning from referral programs is not very effective as you get only $0.10 to $0.15 per referral.


Getmega is Megashots Internet Pvt Ltd’s dream gaming project, which offers a host of exciting games to users. The app has an intuitive user interface that is very interactive and friendly. This app in many ways helps you earn money while you play entertaining games like upon your installation of the app, you get the chance to get 100% complete cashback on your first deposit.

Getmega lets its users play different games and participate in tournaments to easily win up to Rs. 10 Lakh per month. The registered user of this app has complete choice to begin the game as per their buy-in preference which ranges from Re. 1 to Rs. 2,400 so you can choose one as per your suitability and skill. The earned money then is allowed to withdraw instantly using UPI payment methods or even account transfer.

GetMega offers its users 60 gems as a sign-up bonus which is equal to Rs. 84.
You can also try your hand at poker tables that start at INR 5.
The app is reliable and secure to start earning and it also respects your privacy.

It isn’t available on Google Play Store
Only for android users.

Earn Talktime

Earn Talktime app is very popular as it provides users with free talk time. The app primarily works for supporting mobile recharge and also offers a Paytm cash service. If you refer the app to your contacts, you get a high chance of earning Rs. 150 every time of your referral. One of the unique features of Earn Talktime is that this is the only app that provides you with a free bonus, free from paid recharges, and free balance by doing nothing but merely filling up surveys, inviting your contacts on the app, and downloading other apps. Also, it offers you to read daily horoscopes, play games, read the news, and watch promotional videos that help you earn a decent amount of money.

The app is quite easy to use and because of its small size doesn’t occupy much of your storage.
You can use the profits earned on several mobile networks with free talk time.
There are a lot of options available for redeeming the earned rewards.

It is currently available only for Android users
It has only 3 recharge options of Rs. 10, 50, and 100.
The app is limited to paying only one user at once.


MagicPin is another social reward platform that offers you some of the best deals and discounts online. You can receive free cashback up to 100% of your billing amount in the form of MagicPin points. The points earned by you can be used after redeeming them for Phone recharge, gift vouchers, coupons, cards, or others. With each referral, you win Rs. 25 every time. The most important aspect of the app is that users get rewarded with MagicPin points, which can be later used in buying assistance and expertise at partner retailers of MagicPin for their spending.

You can easily earn money in form of vouchers and amazing cashback offers
Get an instant data refund with each MB of data consumed.
You get to buy data recharge packs from the refunded data.

The app has no customer support service


YouTube is indeed one of the leading and largest streaming platforms all over the world which allows its users to watch as well as upload videos. When it comes to money-making, YouTube has been proven to be the best source because it allows you to earn income by uploading your exciting videos on its platform. You can choose any niche of your choice, like cooking, food vlogging, travelling, etc and start making videos on it and upload them on YouTube. As your subscriber base grows on its platform, YouTube will monetize your channel with various ads and you start earning with each video. Be sure how to meet the demands of the audience, and you will nail it on YouTube, thus making it your major source of income in the present world.

It is a giant social media platform and has tremendous popularity.
Using YouTube is completely free unless you want to avail yourself of the advanced features.
It is an easy money making method for showcasing your talent to the world.
It helps you generate backlinks thus boosting your SEO.

The only downside of using YouTube is that it has certain rules and regulations which if not strictly complied with can affect your channel in terms of optimization.
You cannot copy ideas from others’ videos. In case of breach of terms and conditions of the app, they have the right to disable or delete your channel permanently without citing any reason for the same.

Final Thoughts

So, this is the list of the top money-making apps in India in 2022. The list was curated keeping in view the process of extra earning is, of late, on the rise in the country, especially in the post-Covid world.

The apps in the list we put together for you are easily accessible and are mostly available on the Play Store and the iOS App Store. A lot of them can be downloaded for free and signed up as freemium users. If you want to avail the advanced features of these apps, you can do so by earning the income from their free services and buying the paid services.

This was about the money earning apps in India. The objective of this article was solely to help readers earn some extra income to live a contented life. We also wanted to reach out to you to make you aware of this secret of making easy money. So if you want this article useful, we would request you to kindly share this article with your friends and acquaintances. Happy earning, folks!

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